Ratna Gupta’s creative practice may be seen as physical demonstration/ playing out of the complex and sometimes painful negotiations and resolutions of personal, psycho-emotional contradictions. However, her work does not restrict itself to self-referential indulgence. While the ‘self’ has a strong presence in her work, she rejects direct figurative representation for a more actively conceptual/ sculptural way of rendering the living figure inscribed by all its contradictions and fragilities. She is also interested in undermining the earth-body binary. From here the artist speculates on the ways in which this rift has been further fuelled by our culture of consumption.

The process of extrapolating an element that is still living – is a way to freeze it in time. Ratna’s work reminds viewers that we are surrounded even more by infospheres with a sharp degradation of our biological / natural ecosystems.

When asked to simply describe her work, she wrote down – memories, repetition, time, temporary, change, imprinting, preserving, to contain, succession

After finishing her b.a (2000) from St. Xaviers college, Mumbai, Ratna studied graphic design (2001) at the Weighan and Leigh college, Mumbai. She further went on to do a three year b.a honours (2005) in book arts and crafts at the London college of printing, the London institute, London.


solo exhibitions

2009, someday, installation exhibition, gallery beyond, mumbai
2007, metamorphoses retold, installation of body casts, gallery beyond, mumbai

group shows and participations

2015, forgotten, art oxygen with times celebrate bandra festival, mumbai
2015, the porcupine in the room, delphina foundation, london
2015, response to stimuli, part I, sakshi salon, mumbai
2015, eat, pray, thug, aicon gallery, new york
2015, open 2, residency at hh art spaces, goa
2014, echo with anna mendieta, khanabadosh and what about art, mumbai
2011, nostalia, pride and fear, cameleon art projects with gallery BMB, mumbai
2009, art expo india 2009, a showcase of modern & contemporary art, mumbai, with gallery beyond, mumbai
2009, uttarayan art camp, uttarayan art centre,  jaspur, baroda
2009, meridian art camp with gallery beyond, mumbai
2009, kalaghoda art festival, mumbai
2008, looking back, gallery beyond, mumbai
2008, asian contemporary art fair, new york, with gallery beyond, mumbai
2008, potpourri, gallery beyond, mumbai
2007, outward & visible signs of an inward & invincible grace, alliance française, delhi, organized by gallery beyond, mumbai
2007, art singapore 2007, the contemporary asian art fair, singapore, with simyo gallery, seoul korea
2005, sandarbh art camp, site specific installation, partapur, rajasthan
2005, graduating show of the london institude, group show, london college of printing, london

ratna lives and works in mumbai

at 04.19pm on 31st aug 2010, ratna setup a blog

“it started out as one of my many experiments to document each moment of my life. a picture every hour, from the time i woke up; making a written note of where i am, what i’m doing… i can be rather obsessive. slowly and steadily, it all becomes too much to deal with, and then i go through guilt of not doing what i set out to do, not accepting the fact, that in all practicality, it is rather an impossible task that i’ve set out for myself. it becomes staged. instead of ‘documenting’, becoming a part of my routine… documenting becomes ‘the routine’…and then there is little else that i am doing. so, now, without the obsessivness of time, i just take pictures and put them in folders, dated and timed. this also has to do with my need to collect and keep memories. what you will see, is only a tiny part of these folders.

most of my art is self representative, so i guess i’m kind of self obsessed. my website is formalised, displaying finished stories. but that’s not all i do. i play a lot in my studio and i tend not to show all that to others. my four walls and the world i see outside it. i feel it’s about time i did.

i want to show you the small things… that have a big place in my little world.”